1. In case of any emergency, the members of the Indian Diaspora can call on mobile phone number +49-152-18925690 (outside Germany) 0152-18925690 (from Germany) for consular assistance. The emergency contact number will be in operation after office hours on working days and on holidays.
  2. Please note that the emergency contact number is meant for the Indian Diaspora for assistance in emergent situations requiring urgent redressal.
  3. Please have a look on the webpage of the Indian Consulate Hamburg [www.cgihamburg.de ] for general information. For specific information on all Passport / OCI related issues, please send an email to: cons.hamburg@mea.gov.in and for all Visa related matters, please browse service provider’s website www.igcsvisa.de. send an email to In case of further queries on visa related issues, please : visa.hamburg@mea.gov.in
  4. The consular jurisdiction of CGI, Hamburg involves the states of Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig Holstein and Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen).

In case of need of consular assistance in other states of Germany, please contact the Embassy of India, Berlin or Indian Consulates in Frankfurt and Munich as the case may be.

*** Tel: +49-40-338036/ 324744/ 330557

Fax: +49-40-323757

Email: hoc.hamburg@mea.gov.in Website: cgihamburg.de

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConsulateGeneralofIndiaHamburgGermany/

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