Ganesha Festival 2022

Priya Bandhu / Bhagini

Anivasi Bharati e.v is organising the 15th Annual Sarvajanik Ganesha Festival in Hamburg Germany. Like last years it will be at Afghan Hindu Mandir, Hamburg.

The festival will be celebrated by distributing the clay to all registrered devotees and making pooja by different communities on defined days from Sunday 04th September 22 till Saturday 10th September 22 at the venue stated below.

For the success of this programme, your contributions in the form of TAN-MANA-DHANA are most important.

Details Agenda will be followed in upcoming days.

Day 0 – Sunday 28th August 22, Arts & Sports day and Clay Ganesha making (Venue will be different and will be conveyed soon).

Day 1 – 04th Septmeber 22 Ganesh Pooja & Cultural activities
Day 2 – Community 1 Pooja
Day 3 – Community 2 Pooja
Day 4 – Community 3 Pooja
Day 5 – Community 4 Pooja
Day 6 – Community 5 Pooja
Day 7 – Saturday 10th Sept 22 – Palaki Ustav & Visarjan

For Cultural program contact:
For General Info:
Venue: Bill stra├če 77,20539 Hamburg